La ONU pone al mismo nivel a una organización terrorista y al estado de Israel

octubre 4, 2006

UN: Israel, Hizbullah violated human rights

UNHRC experts criticize Israel, Hizbullah for not distinguishing between civilian, military objectives

Associated Press Published: 10.03.06, 21:03

Four rights experts who visited Israel and Lebanon have accused both Hizbullah and the Israeli army of violating humanitarian law during the recent conflict, according to a report released Tuesday.

In documents circulated prior to the official release of the report on Tuesday, the experts call on international bodies to investigate the conduct of all parties during the month long conflict.

The 40 page report was drawn up by Philip Alston, Paul Hunt, Walter Kaelin and Miloon Kothari, who act as independent experts to the U.N. Human Rights Council. The four traveled to Israel and Lebanon in September on their own initiative to investigate the impact of the month long conflict on the civilian population.

A separate report, commissioned by the council, will be published later this year and may draw on some of the findings of the rights experts.

This latest document describes “serious violations of both human rights and humanitarian law”, instances where Israeli forces appear not to have distinguished between civilian and military objectives, failed to have acted proportionality, or didn’t taken all feasible precautions to minimize damage to civilians.

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations office in Geneva would not comment on specific aspects of the report, saying only that his country welcomed the fact that it criticized Hizbullah for violating humanitarian law.

“We will take this (report), we will read it carefully, and we will study it article by article,” said Itzhak Levanon. But he said that the document gave “unwarranted legitimacy to the Hizbullah.”

The report urges Hizbullah to “publicly affirm that it is bound by international humanitarian law” and to “renounce the targeting of civilians in all circumstances.” According to the experts, Hizbullah “violated the applicable principles of humanitarian law” during the conflict by attacking Israeli civilians or failing to distinguish between them and military targets.

Moreover, they recommend that Hizbullah “train its fighters in the requirements of international humanitarian law” and ensure compliance in future. The United States describes Hizbullah as a terrorist group suspected to have been involved in attacks around the world.

The experts conclude that an investigation should be launched to determine whether Hizbullah’s firing of rockets into northern Israel constitutes a war crime, and whether the group’s use of civilian sites to fire the rockets amounts to the use of human shields.

With regard to Israel’s use of cluster bombs in Lebanon, the report requests that the Lebanese authorities be provided with accurate maps to help remove hundreds of thousands of bomblets believed still to be laying spread across the south of the country. It also suggests that this type of weapon be banned under international law.

Quizá Israel debería de tomar ejemplo de la propia ONU a la hora de resolver problemas



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