El islam atrae a los cerdos

diciembre 11, 2006

Anti-Semites head for Iran to query Holocaust
By Colin Freeman, Chief Foreign Correspondent, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 1:37am GMT 11/12/2006

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is to give a personal audience to a delegation of foreign academics – including Britons – attending a Teheran conference that will question whether the Holocaust took place.
President Ahmadinejad will welcome delegates

The two-day “Review of the Holocaust: global vision” conference, which begins tomorrow, is expected to include more than 60 foreign researchers from 30 countries, including known anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers. Ahmadinejad has caused international outrage by describing the Holocaust as a “myth” and calling for Israel to be “wiped off the map”.

Fredrick Toben, a German-born Holocaust denier who lives in Australia and who has been convicted in Germany of inciting racial hatred, told The Sunday Telegraph: “I would be disappointed if I was not to meet him, although I can’t tell you any more than that. It’s like meeting the Queen in England – I wouldn’t comment beforehand.”

In an interview in 2003 she described Judaism as a “creed of domination and racial superiority”. Last month she was banned from addressing the far-Right British National Party, because it believed that her views were extreme….

..Literature for the conference, hosted by Iran’s Institute for Political and International Studies, describes the Holocaust as “one of the most important propaganda tools to politically justify the support for the Jewish people in the 20th century”…

The Sunday Telegraph

Esperen, esperen, cronometremos lo que tardar los izquierdistas y los islamistas españoles en apoyar la iniciativa del Mahmud. Yo apuesto que mañana ya les tendremos promocionando el evento. Quieren apostar?


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